I always told my family that I was not going to have children.  I was busy with
my career and loved spending time with my husband, just the two of us.  At 33,
my biological clock turned on and I found myself wanting a baby.  So, we
decided to have a baby.  I told myself that a baby wouldn't change how I felt
about my career.

When I found out I was pregnant, I went crazy shopping for the baby.  I bought
several department store burp cloths and was not impressed when I opened them.
 At my baby shower, a friend gave me a set of home made burp cloths.  They were
so much softer than the ones I had bought and she had made them with a curve in
the middle that fit the contour of my neck.  I loved them and knowing that I would
need more than the 4 burp cloths that she had made me, I decided to experiment
and make more myself.  After several prototypes, I came up with the unique
shaped burp cloth I sell today.  I made several bundles and gave them to friends
and family that were also expecting babies.  They loved them.

When my son was born, things in my life changed.  My career suddenly was no
longer a priority.  I cried for several weeks prior to going back to work, wishing
I could find a way to stay home with him.  My friends and family suggested that I
try and sell my burp cloths on-line.  So, I took their advice and started Ten Tiny
Toes Burp Cloth Company.  By purchasing my products from my site, you are
helping me see my dream of becoming a stay-at-home mommy a reality.  Thank
you for your support.  May God bless you!

Shonna Johnson, Owner, and more importantly, Mother of Alexander
Ten Tiny Toes Burp Cloth Company
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