The Christmas Scrooge

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I just cannot get into Christmas this year. In years past I have gone crazy decorating and buying gifts. This year I just do not seem have the Christmas spirit. The economy has obviously hit some harder then others and it has had an effect on my little burp cloth company. Typically I depend on money I make this time to year to buy Christmas for my family but this year the sales just are not what they have been in the past. This has forced me to shorten my Christmas giving list way down. I even sent an email to my family telling them not to buy for my family because I didn’t have money to buy for their family.

So, does this make me a Scrooge? I hate to be so crass with my family but something has to given when you only have so much money to spend on gifts. My husband and I are not going to give gifts to each other. We are going to spend the little money we have on our son.

I think we have become to use to people spending more then they have to buy us gifts, that we forget reason for the season is not to see who can buy the most expensive gifts but that we recognize that our Lord and Savior came to save us and that no matter who we are He loves us. So for those who think I should go into debt to buy gifts for my whole family, I say Bah, Humbug.

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