New Baby in the New Year

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Life is every changing and full of so many events that become some of our most treasured memories. Having a baby is one of those time. I know that many of you are expect your little bundle of joy in this new year and I am sure there are so many unanswered question. Questions like “is it a boy or a girl?” and “will the baby look like me?”. Other concerns expecting parents have are if they have everything they need for their newborn.

Now it is true that most of us think that you won’t be a good parent if you don’t have the best of everything. However, I think most people overlook the most important thing of all and that is love. It doesn’t matter if you have the best burp cloths, designer clothes and $10,000 nursery furniture. The most important thing you can give your child is love and protection. You see many people in the world who can afford it all and yet they don’t have the time to spend with their children. In fact, their children often grow up not really knowing that it is like to have a loving relationship with their parents.

When you baby arrives in this New Year, give it all the love you have and hold on tight to your memories. Congratulations to each of you and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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The Christmas Scrooge

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I just cannot get into Christmas this year. In years past I have gone crazy decorating and buying gifts. This year I just do not seem have the Christmas spirit. The economy has obviously hit some harder then others and it has had an effect on my little burp cloth company. Typically I depend on money I make this time to year to buy Christmas for my family but this year the sales just are not what they have been in the past. This has forced me to shorten my Christmas giving list way down. I even sent an email to my family telling them not to buy for my family because I didn’t have money to buy for their family.

So, does this make me a Scrooge? I hate to be so crass with my family but something has to given when you only have so much money to spend on gifts. My husband and I are not going to give gifts to each other. We are going to spend the little money we have on our son.

I think we have become to use to people spending more then they have to buy us gifts, that we forget reason for the season is not to see who can buy the most expensive gifts but that we recognize that our Lord and Savior came to save us and that no matter who we are He loves us. So for those who think I should go into debt to buy gifts for my whole family, I say Bah, Humbug.


Homemade Christmas Gifts for Baby and Children

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Like many others in this country, I drug myself out of bed really early on Black Friday to check out the sales. After my annual trip to JoAnn Fabrics for their flannel at $1.49/yard, I made my way to some of the other large box stores in my community. Walking up and down the aisles looking at all of the plastic, computerized toys I thought to myself how much things have changed over the years and how gift giving has become so emotionless and commercialized.

When I was a child, my family did not have alot of money and our gifts were often ones of necessity like socks, clothes, pens and pencils. The gifts from my Aunt Cathy were often handmade by her. Over the years, I have come to cherish her gifts as I know they truely came from her heart.

I believe the gifts we give our child should be ones that challenge their imagination and let them expore and learn. Children will be bombarded with electronics at an early and become dependent on computers to do their thinking for them. I encourage parents to find a balance with their child’s play. Encourage them to play with building blocks and put puzzles together. Give your baby a soft tag blanket with lots of different textures and colors or a soft block to play with. This types of toys build their imagination.

I encourage each of you to think about thinking about having a homemade Christmas. Have each member of the family make something handcrafted for someone else. I think you will be surprised at how creative your children can be and the experience will stimulate parts of the brain that a computer just cannot.

I hope each of you have a very Merry Handmade Christmas.

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