Homemade Burp Cloths – Picking your Materials

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Today burp cloths come in all different shape, sizes and materials. The majority of burp cloths are either made from a cloth diaper that is embelished somehow to spice up the drab white surface or different materials are sewed together to make an absorbent pad which is the method I use. As you may recall, I started making burp cloths because I didn’t like the quality of the cloth diapers on the market. They just do not make them like they used to.

There are several options for fabrics and absorbent pading you can use when making your burp cloth. Usually the top fabric is made from a print of some type and the absorbing material on the back side is a basic white or solid color. The fabric used on the front is usually made from 100% cotton material like flannel or some type of cotton quiliting fabric like calico. I have found that flannel is a little more absorbent then other cotton prints so that is what I primarily use. In the situations when I have used a thinner cotton print, I have backed it with a piece of white flannel to increase its absorbency.

For the back side of your burp cloth you can use a couple of different types of material. I really like terry cloth but many like chenille. If money is an issue, terry cloth is more affordable. Terry cloth runs about $7 per yard and chenille is almost double that at about $13 per yard. Now I never pay regular price so I can save a little by buying it when it is on sale or using a coupon. I have found terry cloth very easy to work with and yet it is very absorbent. Most chenille has ridges and it can make it a little more difficult to sew and iron but it does appeal to many people. In the interest of making a high quality product and yet keeping my costs down, I mainly work with terry cloth.

My next posting will focus on the actual steps involved in making a burp cloth. Until then, check out my website for great gift ideas at and happy sewing.